League Of Legends: The Butcher of the Sands Renekton 1:4 Scale Statue


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Renekton is a born warrior. Having won every victory for Shurima, and having received a very high decoration, he decided to carry his dying brother up the steps to Nasus‘ apotheosis, at the risk of being annihilated by the sun’s disk.

Product Features:
– Whole: Renekton stood up with his crescent-bladed axe, straightened his back, and slid the dust from his armor.
– Head: Renekton let out a fierce roar, his teeth dense like knives!
– Costume: The intricate armor sculpture, battle damage details, and metal texture create a sense of presence.
– Weapon: Renekton wields a crescent-bladed axe, burning with hatred and anger! (Blade effects can be set to light up constantly or breathe)
– Terrace: The fusion of the symbol of Shurima with the yellow sand and the splashes of sand fully demonstrate the power and ferocity of Renekton.

Available 2024 Q4